The largest combined-clubs championship bird show in Queensland!

This event is in the planning stages for 2020!

The five organising clubs are currently in the planning stages for the Spectacular return in mid-2020.

Ipswich Bird Spectacular is an annual single-day event which features five avicultural clubs staging their own championship bird shows and club displays in one huge venue! There will be birds for sale from individual bird breeders and all bird-keeping products on display and for sale. Aviaries, cages, seed, avian medications, scientifically-formulated diet supplements, nests, nets, bird toys - everything for bird lovers!

VENUE: Main Exhibiton Pavilion, Ipswich Show Ground, Warwick Road, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. See map (TBA)

Admission fee is $3 per person or $5 for a couple. Under 16 free. Armbands supplied on entry.

Opening times for the public are 8.30am to 1.30pm

PARKING: free, on-site, on bitumen. (TBA)

Hot and cold food and drinks available all day.

BIRDS FOR SALE aviary-bred native and exotic parrots and finches, doves and quail. Budgies and canaries. Plus hand-raised pet parrots!

PET ITEMS: bird toys, shoulder protector capes, bird hammocks. Everything for the bird owner!

There will be a veterinary on site throughout the event for bird health checks, and surgical sexing of birds (professional fees apply). A range of quality vet-recommended diet supplements, vitamins and treatments for birds are also available for sale.

Raffle Prizes: Everyone can win!

Major Prize: Steel AVIARY 1800mm x 900mm donated by D & S Aviary Services. (see links page)

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Due to the event venue site being redeveloped Ipswich Bird Spectacular was cancelled for 2019. This was beyond the control of the five organising clubs as the site is operated by the Ipswich Show Society and owned by the Ipswich City Council (which continues to be under administration). LH 20/2/2019

Website Information Updated October. LH 2019.